12 Şubat 2012 Pazar


Merhaba Sevgili Blogger´lar

Bir cok blogger arkadasim paylasti, bende istedim paylasmak belki ulasmayan bir yerler olmustur diye belki o ralarada ulasir diye.

Aslinda o kadar cok bir sey yok söylenecek,  Allahtan hic bir zaman ümit kesilmez. Allah Gamze Anneyi ogluna ve sevdiklerine bagislasin Rabbim.

insallah en kisa zamanda saglik haberlerini duyariz GAMZE ANNE´nin. Oglu Atakan biricik GAMZE ANNE´cigine kavusur insallah.

Allah bu zor durumda kalan bütün insanlarin yardimcisi olsun RABBiM.

Sevgili GAMZE ANNE´nin bloguna ve tüm bilgilere ulasmak vede destek olmak icin lütfen tiklayin


For my dear followers from outland......

Maybe you do not know her personally but she is a 29 year old young mother of a 3 years old boy and patient of leukemia (blood cancer). Today, she had to start chemotherapy at 9 Eylul University Hospital in Izmir, Turkey. (Dokuz Eylül University Hospital-IZMIR. Hematology Service, Oncology Storey 1,  Room no: 4865)

The type of her Leukemia is AML M5 (Acute myoloblast leukemia)
She had stem cell therapy before but there has been a metastases. That is why she needs marrow transplant. Her family and friends are in a search for the right match of marrow from donor pools in Turkey.

The chance of a match from close relatives is 1% , from donor pool is 1/40.000. Unfortunately, in Turkey there are only 2 pools of blood in Istanbul and Ankara and in Istanbul there are only 27.000 donors.


All you have to do is to go to your nearest health care office and ask for blood donation to be able to be a bone marrow donor.

http://atakan310309.wordpress.com/She had her own blog where she shared her feelings, life and everything

 http://www.gamzeakbas.blogspot.com/She reads the blog built up for her 
She reads all messages sent to gamzeakbasicin@gmail.com  personally. It would be very kind of you to encourage her along the struggling path she is on.

Please share this information as much as you can and try to explain the importance of the situation to as many people as you can.

ONE CAN BE THE CURE OF ANOTHER! Please help now, to Gamze and to anybody  who is in need.

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  1. allah gamzenin yardimcisi olsun,
    ben bu hastaligi cok yakindan biliyorum
    dualarimiz gamze ve onun gibiler icin


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